Boys Basketball February 8th-13th

Monday:  7th & 8th Grade BBB vs. TRF.  5:15.  7th plays first followed by 8th.  JV/V BBB @ Clearbrook.  Get out @ 2:30 bus time of 3:00.  JV plays @ 5:30 followed by V.
Tuesday:  BBB @ BGMR.  C/7th/8th grade bus leaves at 3:30.  7th grade first 8th to follow in Bager at 4:45.  C team in Greenbush at 4:45.  JV/V bus leaves at 4:45.  JV @ 6:00 with V to follow.
Wednesday:  Practice
Thursday:  Practice
Friday 2/12/16:  BBB vs. EGF.  7th grade @ 4:30 (ELEM 2 gym) followed by 8th grade. C team @ 6:00 ELEM 1 gym.  JV 6:00 followed by V.
Saturday:  BBB @ TRF (Northland) vs. Sacred Heart.  8:00 p.m.  Bus leaves at 5:30 p.m. Jr. High BBB tourney @ Warroad.  Bus time of 7:30 a.m. First game is @ 8:30 a.m.

Boys Basketball February 1st-6th

Monday:  BBB @ Goodridge.  7th/8th/ bus leaves @ 2:15 get out @ 2:00.  7th plays at 4:00 with 8th to follow.  JV plays at 6:00 with V to follow. Bus time of 4:15. No C Team game.
Tuesday:  Practice
Wednesday:  Practice
Thursday:  Practice
Friday:  Practice
Saturday:  BBB vs. C-I.  JV starts at 1:00 with V to follow

Booster Club Fundraiser for Northern Freeze Double Header

We would like the JV and V players each to bring a pan of bars cut into 3x3 and individually wrapped by 3 p.m. on Friday for out Taco in a bag meal night.  You can bring the bars to the cafeteria area.

Boys Basketball January 25th-30th

Monday:  Practice
Tuesday:  BBB vs. RLC.  C Team starts at 5:00 in HS gym.   JV @ 6:00 with V to follow. 
Wednesday:  Practice
Thursday:  Practice
Friday:  BBB & GBB Double Header vs. NF.  See time slots below…

High School Gym
3:45 C Boys
5:00 JV Girls
6:30 Varsity Girls 
8:00 Varsity Boys 
Elementary Gym
4:00 7th Grade Boys AND Girls
5:00 8th Grade Boys AND Girls
6:00 C Girls & JV Boys

Saturday:  ELEM Tournament (Jr. High Boys Work)  See list below

Worker List

Parents/Senior Night

Parents/Senior night is scheduled for Friday February 19th.

Boys Basketball January 18th – 23rd

Monday:  BBB @  LOW (7th grade @ 5:00 followed by 8th grade) .  Bus time of 3:30.  JV @ 6:00 followed by V @7:30 HS GYM) Bus time of 4:15.
Tuesday:  7th & 8th BBB @ TRF.  Bus time of 2:45 get out @ 2:30.  7th followed by 8th @ 4:30
Wednesday:  Practice
Thursday:  Practice
Friday:  BBB vs. KCC (7th & 8th grade combine for one game at 5:00) (JV @ 6:00 with V to follow)
Saturday:  7th & 8th Grade BBB tournament @ TRF.  8th grade first game @ 9:00 a.m. @ Lincoln HS PE gym.  7th grade first game is @ 12:00 challenger elementary gym.  Bus leaves at 7:15 a.m.